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Benefits of Converting Your Attic

There are numerous bonuses to getting your attic converted. Here at The Attic Company we implement incredible solutions to suit your needs. Below is a guide to show you the benefits to adding an attic conversion in your home.

1. Extra Space

If you’ve already done it, you’ll already know that one of the hardest things to do is move home. When you’re settled into a nice area you don’t want to have to move again as it costs money and can be a real headache. Add children to the mix and you have the added nuisance of moving schools.

That’s why the opportunity to add space to your existing home is an excellent option. You will gain valuable space for you and your family and save money on the cost of moving. Sure, you will have to spend money in order to do this, but let’s take a look at our next attic conversion benefit…

2. Increase Your Property Value

If you own your home or you are still paying it off, you will find that adding an attic conversion can add serious value to your home. In most cases we’re looking at a 20% increase in value, but with the right additions this can be considerably more.Think about it. You’re increasing the actual living space of your home by a quarter (or often more). So it follows that this going to add some serious value.

For property developers, adding an attic conversion is one of the most immediate steps they take because the return on investment is practically guaranteed. In fact, we often work with developers for the sole purpose of increasing property value. It’s what we’d call one of our specialities.

3. Storage Space

Perhaps not the most exciting reason for an attic conversion but it’s not to be over looked! By creating additional, easy to access storage space, you can make your possessions far easier to deal with!

Let’s be straight. We’ve seen a lot of attics in our time. Most of them look like a ragged pandoras box of old memories, which is a real shame when you consider what all those possessions you store really mean to you. By designing bespoke storage solutions, you can make it easier for you to access all of those memories you have locked away.

4. Energy Efficiency

As we all look to our impacts on the planet, we need to consider how much energy we’re consuming. In older houses it’s often the case that we’re losing huge amounts of energy due to poor insulation. Of course, if you’re on a budget, you could settle for simply better insulating your home. However, if you do have the budget, why stop there?

By converting your attic you can do so much more. Improve your energy efficiency, increase the value of your property and increase your living space!

5. Getting Creative

We never really grow up, do we? I mean, we all get jobs and lead serious lives, but we still have that child inside that wants to have fun.

By converting your attic you can let your imagination run wild! How about a private home cinema? Or a play room? Or what about a water park? Ok, we got carried away, but the possibilities are practically limitless.

So as you can see there are many attic conversion benefits. Ranging from the practical to the creative. Really, it just depends on whether you have the budget, because it simply makes sense to make more of your attic!

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