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Attic Conversions: The Process

A standard attic conversion to a three bedroom takes approximately 2 weeks from start date. Our in-house architect/engineer visits the site and draws up plans for your specific attic and then applies for planning permission (if needed), this takes about 10–12 weeks for planning to be approved. The Attic Company is fully insured, and all of our work is compliant with building safety regulations and is checked by our engineer following the job and you will be issued with an Engineers Certificate of Compliance upon completion, so you can be assured that our craftsmanship is of the highest standard and safety. 

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We offer many different solutions depending on the size and shape of your attic—this can include anything from intuitive storage spaces to spacious double-room ensuite’s. All attics are fitted with two steel RSJs to insure safety and stability. We insulate all our renovations with NSAI approved Synthesia Poliuretan Spray; which provides the equivalent insulation of 270mm of regular glass wool. This is the best thermal insulation on the market. Our standard conversions come with three Fakro/Velux  windows; depending on preference.

Our core team are all in-house and are not external contractors, meaning there is a line of direct communication between you and us at all times. We also maintain very good working relationships with the best external contractors, guaranteeing the highest quality of plumbing, electrical work, and plastering. We cover all carpets and hard-wood surfaces from start to finish so there is no residing residue or damage when the job is completed. All debris is removed and disposed of off-site in a skip. After every job we hire a cleaning company to do a  thorough 4-hour deep clean of the entire house—you won’t even notice we’ve been there!

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